Sunday, 14 September 2008

More baby hats!

Here's a couple of hats I knitted for a friend's. She was 5 weeks premature so needed little hats! I'm not sure she looks especially pleased about having to wear them though!

Friday, 12 September 2008

Well, It's been a pretty thin summer for the Blog. Many of us have had a 'gone off it' moment. And, of course everyone has been busy. So, a few things from me;

This morning I recieved a letter from Oxfam, re :the squares for maternal mortality. I will bring it to the next meeting, but you may like to know that Sarah Brown will be recieving the petition on WEDNESDAY 17 SEPTEMBER outside Downing Street, and adding her own square.
The 40m blanket will be displayed at LAWRENCE HALL, RHS HALLS, Greycoat St, London,
2 -5 pm the same day. We are invited to attend. The tone of the letter suggests that Oxfam are trying to get as many people as possible to the display.

Tutley Mutley, a fellow Raveller, has flagged up an event being staged by the Knitting group that she belongs to. The group is the Tea Shop Knitters, and the event is KTog 2. There will be stalls run by Yarn Shops, Workshops (which will be charged extra, but nominal) and TEA AND CAKE. Sounds wonderful. All this will take place in Bovey Tracey, on Sunday 19 October.
This is advance notice, and I will blog more details as I have them.

And I have finally finished Nicky's waistcoat. Yaaaaaay! Not as nicely 'finished' as I would have liked but, hey, we live and learn.