Monday, 22 December 2014

New Home

There have been difficulties with some authors getting their posts onto this blog, for some time. The solution chosen is for the blog to move to a new address. So please join us just up the road, at ......

                   Close Knit

It's the same gang, still knitting!

Tuesday, 24 June 2014


 Meetings of Close Knit have been suspended for the summer.
  Details will be posted when it re-convenes.

Friday, 3 January 2014

Next Meeting

Our next meeting is Friday 3rd January. This is usually the busiest of the year, with people relieved to get away from the usual bustle of life, and the frantic activity of the Christmas and  New Year round. We will convene at 6.30 pm, as usual.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010


The Yarnshop that Jacqui has posted (below) is wonderful. We walked in, to be greeted warmly by the ladies within. Good start. There is a fabulous array of yarns. Some of which are spun and dyed especially for Fiddlesticks. The 'ooooh-ing' started as soon as we got inside. Go and have a look -it's well worth it. (yes, of course I bought something!)
It was Close Knit on Friday night, and the last one to be held at the Friends (Quakers) Meeting House in Bath Place. A jolly affair, with eighteen members present. Four of those were new members, so welcome Barbara, Christa, Emma and Suella. Here are a few photos of members, all knitting hard.
From next month, 5th March, we move to a new venue.
York House, 27, Cannon Street, Taunton.
It is almost opposite the entrance to the Cannon street car park.

Monday, 8 February 2010

Here's a photo of the lovely yarn shop that Linda and I discovered in Honiton on Saturday. It's called Fiddlesticks and is conveniently located next to a very yummy deli in case all the purchasing makes you peckish!

Monday, 2 November 2009

Baby surprise jackets and shawl

I am now addicted to knitting the baby surprise jacket. I thought I had finished with four but found a fabric warehouse in Sturminster Newton - Hensons which sell wool and cheaper buttons. I bought 40 teddy bear buttons and more wool! I finished the forest canopy shawl but decided not to block it as I think it looks better scrunched. The leaves go all square when it is blocked. I have another skein of cobweb yarn and want to do another shawl but preferably one without holes as I keep forgetting to do yarn over needle! Any ideas for patterns gratefully received as I have trawled the internet without success - including Ravelry.

Thursday, 1 October 2009


The East Dartmoor Tea Shop Knitters are running KTOG again this year.
Sunday October 18th, 1 pm-5 pm
Ilsington Village Hall
Entrance £1, children free.
Workshops, S&B Cafe, Stalls, Raffle, Exhibitions.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Knitting - And Crochet!

At long last - the sleeveless sweater I was making, as a 'Thank you' for the Yoga session which Karen ran for us. The colour is not good in the photo. It is really a lovely deep Teal. The yarn is Mirasol miski. Gorgeous!

We had a really good turn-out at the last meeting. Eighteen members, including four new ladies, had a go at Beth's crocheted shopping bags. Great fun! She WILL be making a return visit.
And we had Amber's cup cakes, Denise's cheese scones, lemon Chelsea Buns, and an Apple cake. Yum.
Welcome Kate, Judith, Denise, and Bryony.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009


Next weekend is 'Fibrefest', at Coldharbour Mill, 22nd and 23rd August. Those who went to the last one, in 2007, will remember what fun it was. This time it is actually being held in the Mill and adjacent areas, not a field up the road.
There will be a Ravelry stand, with various things going on. There was talk of a yarn swap, but I'm not sure. We had discussed meeting up, and the Ravelry stand may be a good place to meet. There is a good chance a little knitting may take place there.
Remember to wear your Ravelry badges!
I look forward to seeing some of you there......I will doubtless be seen spending a small fortune on yarn!

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Knit In Public Day

Here, finally, are the pictures to prove that we did Knit In Public as promised. Quite a good turn-out, considering how little publicity I provided.Coffee for Gossip in action.(Lisa in the reddish t-shirt).
We are quite the League of Nations, you know. (L>) Ramona (Canada), baby L, Andi (U.S.A.).

Raffle and Notice board.

Knitters at work! L to R> Ellie, Suzanne, Sue B, Wendy, Pam, and Isabelle. There were others, but not caught on camera.
The raffle went well, and made £53 , which was sent to Barnardos Childrens Charity. Thanks to everyone for the support.
You may be interested to know that Hayes Wools have taken delivery of the following;
Lantern Moon -a selection of Needles, and Needlecases etc.
Mango Moon - Zing Strings
Aslan Trends Yarns