Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Festivals and stitches

This is a card I made recently, for a Birthday. Yes, I'm quite pleased with it, but the reason I am showing it, is to flag up this site;
There is a very good stitch library, which it is possible to download from (free). This stitch is 'snowangel'. (But I have adapted it slightly).

I think it is time to start making a note of the Festivals and Fairs that are going to take place this year. Please add to the list as you hear of them, or let me know, and I will.
Wonderwool Wales will be taking place on 25th and 26th April, at the Royal Welsh Showground.
Fibrefest is 22nd and 23rdAugust, at Coldharbour Mill, Uffculme, Devon.
I would like to arrange a visit to Devon Fine Fibres at their Organic farm near Bampton, but would like to know the level of interest first. You can visit Lesley's blog, and get a feel of the farm. (

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

New ideas for knitting!

Jac sent this link to me:

So where should we start in Taunton then...?!